Youtube add our rules over new to win money

Seek YouTube to clamp down on the Partner Program, through new rules and restrictions depending on the channel and content meet in order to receive any revenue from the videos. It will be incumbent on every channel you can get 4,000 hours of observations over the last 12 months and have 1,000 subscribers at least, that is the application of this new policy starting February 20, the next it fails to meet any of them won’t get any income from ads. Previously it was possible to join the YouTube Partner Program after 10,000 participants, without any limitation to the amount of annual hours, and thus a change of course will be difficult for new channels and small Reap any revenue, but youtube says that this way is very important to provide yourself more time to let go of control in accordance with regulations and differentiate between the content of positive and decent. This policy comes after what he did. Logan Paul, one of the stars of YouTube, which published a video showing the body of Japanese products in the forest of aokigahara, known as the “forest of suicide” and laughed with his friends at the party and mocked him, and subsequently made youtube remove his mask to his actions shameful. So the problem is not New, the law have been buying for years from inappropriate content across the YouTube platform, despite the company’s promise over and over again to solve the problem but it is still stable, and thus will be its new will not filter the content better, especially as it will increase scrutiny of the human Video the recommended content in general will not be enough software. Source: The Verge

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