YouTube allows cosmetic experience using augmented reality

Given the importance of augmented reality technology in the field of marketing, a lot of brands require to rely on them in order to provide the experiences of more affluent customers, and to increase the attractiveness of their products to consumers, this is also what the company paid Google to embed this technique in some of its products, and its services.

Google announced during the month of May last; bringing augmented reality to the (search engine) Google Search, which lets you view objects three-dimensional and interact with them straight from the (search engine), and put it directly in the path of your own, which gives you a sense of size and detail, and in the completion of tasks throughout your day. She also updated the platform development of augmented reality applications ARCore, to assist developers in the construction of distinctive experiences to the users.

AR in Google search

As announced during this week about bringing augmented reality also on the platform (YouTube) YouTube, display advertising, and enhance the experience of users.

Requires many consumers to content makers on YouTube, to get help when deciding on the purchase of new products, cooperates brands since a long time with influencers to communicate with customers, and now can be for brands, influencers make this experience more personalized and useful to the viewers by drawing on the tools of augmented reality.

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New feature allows en Beauty Try-On, and will be for girls and the experience of cosmetics on their face using augmented reality, during the follow-up audits of makers content influencers on YouTube, Google said: “she’s getting machine learning to adjust the algorithm, so as to provide realistic samples of products working on the entire range of color tones the skin”.

يوتيوب سيتيح تجربة مستحضرات التجميل باستخدام الواقع المعزز

Designed water to be used in the experience of the split screen, while watching the ladies of reviews of cosmetics on the YouTube platform, where the viewing can open the front camera to access a range of colors to the experience of the lipstick for example, and apply it to their faces during playback of the video above, will also provide tips for using the proper products for them.

This feature is currently in development stages, and its YouTube platform through the platform FameBit to create content and affiliate marketing for Google, through which they communicate brands, the makers of the content, and(altruists) Influencers on YouTube, to do the marketing of their products through sponsorship paid paid sponsorships.

The company is (Mac pharmaceutical cosmetic) M. A. C Cosmetics is the first brand that launches a campaign of En Beauty Try-On, to allow customers to experience their products.

Has Google said in the publication via her blog: “it’s tested this feature earlier this year with the many brands of cosmetics and found that 30% of the viewers they activate the experience of the sites of the enhanced when it was available in YouTube application on the devices (iOS), as they spent more than 80 seconds on average in the attempts to experience the lipstick actually”.

Subject feature en Beauty Try-On currently in development, the company announced that they will be available for brands, advertisers this summer, to help them make the content more appealing and effective to encourage buying decisions.

However; Google is not alone in this market, we will have the face of a very popular and enjoyed by the application of the company (L’oreal) L’oreal the French cosmetics, apply a YouCam makeup, who are already in the market, and enjoyed great popularity.

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