YouTube allows cosmetic experience via augmented reality


For modern technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality so many uses and various applications away from gaming, and YouTube here targeting ladies who want the experience of makeup and cosmetics and how it will look on them without the need to put it actually on the face, so remote and through augmented reality technology.

Revealed YouTube about a new feature called En Beauty Try-On allows users to experience the office treatment during the follow-up educational videos on how to use it to get tips and reviews about some items, and more.

And through the augmented reality technology it will enable any girl no matter what was the color and type of skin use of cosmetic experience without putting their actual.

Currently the water in stages, testing first available cross-platform FameBit own you, as cooperation with the company M. A. C Cosmetics to experience the different products, and will become in the coming months for advertisers and brands.

It is worth mentioning that the company Laura file famous have a similar application can through his experience the extract, its different, but definitely has the Google experience, the more potential in the use of augmented reality technology and image recognition, therefore, will be better results.

Obviously that uses the display of such advantages are the ones that pay Google for their application, so that advertisers can create interactive ads and then the experience of the lipstick and choose the tonality of the occasion, you can simply request to buy it from the same ad.

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