YouTube allows feature to hide the channels

Regardless of how to get advanced algorithms, you will not understand how to put YouTube users preferences and viewing their own, with this in mind, adds YouTube some new features that will allow users more control over the videos that appear in their homepage and suggestions Up Next, will put up the changes on Android and iOS, you will reach the desktop soon.

YouTube is that it always gets on his suggestions properly, so it will allow users to remove channels proposed do not want to share, you’ll be able to click the menu three dots next to the video clip and determine “not to recommend the bomb”, will try YouTube also facilitate the search for the content you want, when you scroll up on your main page or up next, you’ll be able to select the categories relevant to your interests.

Criticism exists for YouTube

YouTube يتيح خاصية إخفاء القنوات عن توصياتك

The goal is to help users find what they are looking for faster, you will be asked YouTube users also get a reason to see them propose a specific video, such as because they saw similar content in the past or other viewers with similar interests!, you know the algorithms of YouTube to people because of everything from facilitating the “ring of sexual exploitation of children” to push extremist content and others.

And it doesn’t come new features these problems, but at least you now have some control in what is shown in the bottom line, after today if you see such a video clip about cooking it

N you find yourself prone to the barrage of videos and channels proposed related to cooking.

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