YouTube allows you more control options in your homepage, videos the following

One of the most things asked in the YouTube by the users, there should be more control options.

Especially in the videos that appear on the main page, as well as the suggestions that are offered through the following videos.

يوتيوب تُتيح لك المزيد من خيارات التحكم في صفحتك الرئيسية ومقاطع الفيديو التاليةYouTube allows you more control options in your homepage, videos the following

It seems that YouTube has heard the call, where in the new update for the application from the mobile phones, there are three new changes, and on success the following:

Explore the topics and related videos on your main page and in the following videos:

Now you can easily explore topics and Related Videos, Watch the more about what you like on YouTube.

Dependent the options that you see on your suggestions current personal aim is to help you find what you’re looking for faster.

Can be related videos are represented in the video clip or videos published by the channel that you are watching, or other topics that might interest you.

Here you will be able to find this new feature on the home page when scrolling up.

To be currently available for users who login in English on the YouTube application for the Android system.

Will be available on iOS and desktop other languages soon.

Remove suggestions from channels that don’t want to share:

With this option the task, you can stop the proposals of the videos from a particular channel.

All you have to do here, is click on the menu three dots next to the video clip on the home page or the menu button of the video below.

Then click on the new option “don’t recommend channel”.After that, you must not be watching videos from that channel proposed to you on YouTube.

To expect this new feature globally on the YouTube application for Android and iOS from today, and will be available on desktop soon.

Learn more about the reason for the proposal of a video clip for you:

Finally, in some cases, the recommendation by the YouTube videos of the channels haven’t already.

Now, when proposing a video clip of this type, you will see more information below the video in a small box.

The objective of this information is to clarify the reason for the appearance of these videos on your homepage.

In order to help you find the video clips of the new channels that you might want it to.

To expect this new feature globally on the YouTube app for iOS today, and will be available on Android and desktop soon.

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