YouTube and the necessity of the adoption of the registry functions in the ads system

إعلانات يوتيوب فيديو

إعلانات يوتيوب فيديو

Decided platform youtube a few days ago to re-consider the mechanism of dealing with the famous canals, which are also considered as a privileged partner in its network ad get under those channels on the significant fiscal revenues. That decision comes after one of the famous canals post a video of a Christian contrary to the terms of use, has led many of the protests, to YouTube itself forced to rethink the system ads from New again.

In 2017, the Organization for the same problems after the spread of videos that preach hatred and promote terrorism, ads to buy extremely popular, which angered those companies and pay them to boycott the ads youtube indefinitely. As a reaction on those matters, confirmed that the YouTube platform to Channels that do not have a certain number of views won’t benefit from the network by advertising, that for sections that are trying to spread very quickly to make quick returns.

With the passage of time, will consist of those problems either with the intention, or otherwise, the company turned to fit between the content makers who refuse to the roof to talk day after day in hopes of spreading through the clip knows millions of them and go based to the list of excellence in network and YouTube AD, and this problem must be addressed by the organization because YouTube is no longer a place to watch videos, it has become a job and career for some make them a living without having any other supplier, and the list goes on no need to address it.

Based on the above, the YouTube need to develop a hierarchy of job followed in the big companies, and with the same rigor and intellect also, the fact one is not enough to be a sufficient criterion to choose the gold bar and add it to the list of excellence to target advertisers.

You have to realize the value of channel Type content in which the extent of its compatibility with the usage policy, in addition to determining the time period of the study, such as the performance of the channels every 3 months, 6 months, or even every 12 months, this is to prevent marks in the Display Network of prevention worth ignoring the rest, i.e. keep them within the virtual slide. Any violation of the terms of use during that period should not go unnoticed and you should not miss, just like any delay committed by the employee, speaking after a time or two to a deduction from the salary.

Time period, and continue, and repeat mistakes, are the factors most important for YouTube that must be considered always and never whatever the method, the study of existing channels among the list of rebels periodically might make those channels in the case of a review of standing to avoid the loss of this library that doesn’t have to hit him basically without getting tired and continuity within the controls for a long time to prove a serious charge of it, otherwise, those problems will appear every year.

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