Youtube announces the addition of the hashtag the videos to facilitate the process of search


Easy Google to find the videos for topics common on YouTube, if you use youtube via your phone android or PC, you will notice that the titles of the videos become include the hashtag.

Designed to add the hashtag to adjust the search algorithm for those who use YouTube, and if you want to add a hashtag to your video so easy to find, all you have to do is add it in the video title or description.


If you decide not to embed any hashtag in the title, the three signs the first found YouTube in the description will appear above the title of the video automatically.

If you are simple on YouTube want to find out more information about a certain topic, you can now Tap on the hashtag in the title of the video to jump to a page of search results to watch the related videos.

She said Google has already updated the support page youtube with information about how to use hashtags.

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