Youtube announces the return of quiz YouTube NextUp to the Arab world Edition II

يوتيوب تعلن عودة مسابقة YouTube NextUp إلى العالم العربي بنسختها الثالثة

Announced the YouTube platform in the Arab region for the launch of the second version of the quiz YouTube NextUp, which aims to discover the content makers the most talented and support the development of Arabic content targeted on the greatest product in the world.

The competition aims to highlight the content makers whose work shows innovative on their channels, and then choose 12 of them to participate in the effectiveness of the competition held at the YouTube Space in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to train them on the skills of the content industry and on the techniques of photography and various video.

The winners will also receive a voucher worth 2,000$ to buy equipment for the production of the video, and will be able to get training sessions from the YouTube team and a group of the pioneers of Arabic content.

Andto participate in the competition, depends on the applicants owning a channel in which 10,000 – 100,000 subscribers, be monetization activated, there won’t be any violations of copyright on the TV channel, and that there will be at least 3 videos uploaded on the channel the last 90 days.

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