“Youtube” ask the studios especially for content producers from the region in Dubai

Opened “youtube – Youtube”, the biggest in the world in the field of Watch digital video content, the student allocated to producers of video content for the first time in the Arab region in Dubai. And Dubai is the city of the tenth around the world which you get to those studios, which bear the name of the Youtube Space, London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Toronto, Paris, Berlin, Sao Polo.

Gets visitors to the studios, Youtube Space in Dubai, which is situated in Dubai Studio City, the opportunity to use sound equipment, lighting and editing advanced free, in addition to training programs, workshops, ongoing.

Will enable content creators to use ten different areas in the available space and the reception room, cafe, and large tracts of the work, and two of the studios of the Council, in addition to the production room, and two of Montague’s, with a workshop to work and hardware, studio and additional equipped according to the theme is chosen every four months.

Include studios as well two cameras model Canon C500, the model C300, camera 5D, the control room provides the possibility of filming a live broadcast, with automatic Controller, lighting, module to mix the sounds, and animation, in addition to the many devices of modern communication. The capacity of creative space more than 200 users at the same time in a total area estimated at 6,000 feet.

Will be able video content producer on YouTube who have large number of followers soon progress to book a free visit them and use of studios and all equipment is available by filling out the form dedicated e-book.

It is worth mentioning that he has visited more than 440 thousand people around the world of YouTube since its launch for the first time in 2012. It should be noted also that, according to the site – it is there at the present time more than 200 Arabic channel on the site plan on file problems.

Follow channel owners with the 1,000 joint attendance of workshops and events that will be held in the creative space. While the owners of the channels which increases the number of follow-up by about 10,000 in common use of the resources of production available, which includes two of the studios are soundproofed, with editing equipment and the latest cameras and microphones, in addition to the control room. Will be launching workshops and many meet the different needs and interests, through the axes of the ranges of the output and creative development to business development. All the content creators attending a workshop is mandatory for one day, before using the tools in the creative space.

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