Youtube change officially the name of its service Youtube Red Youtube Premium


Following the announcement of Youtube Music, has announced youtube also on Youtube Premium. But other than the Youtube Music service will be completely new, the Youtube Premium is simply the new name for the current Youtube Red, which might be familiar with it as the home of the visual content of the product by company youtube.

According to YouTube, it has stated by saying : ” since the launch of Youtube Red in the year 2015, we are thrilled about how to interest people to the service, whether it is through download videos to watch while traveling, or indulging in his first season for the Cobra Kai, or to listen to songs ad-free. As part of ongoing improvements to the experience members, we are pleased today’s announcement that Youtube Red has become called Youtube Premium “.

Don’t expect to change anything except the brand, at least not for the worse. In fact, telling youtube that the Youtube service Premium will be better because they plan to create more negatives and original movies. It is also expected to be released this service in more countries soon, this should be good news, this service is available in select limited countries.

Announced youtube also that participants in the Youtube Premium will get access to Youtube Music Premium, which is Ad-free version of Youtube Music. Will be priced at about 11.99 USD per month, but if you are currently in Youtube Red, they’ll convert your account automatically to Youtube Premium with keep the price of the current access of $ 9.99 USD per month, so if you want to save 2$, You should Subscribe now.


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