YouTube changed the way you view the number of participants in the channel

YouTube has announced on the application of the new style in the presentation of subscriber channels would impact particularly on the channels so big that you don’t know the exact number at the time of the actual participants, but only three to the nearest whole number.

For example if I have a channel 51,389,232 shared, it will appear in the number on the screen as 51M million subscribers only, as well as those who have between a thousand and even hundreds of thousands issue will appear close to with the letter K to denote the word a, We reiterate that this view of justice only and not the actual number which does not change moment by moment.

The effect will be all the sites that offer the services of the stats about YouTube channels, and gradually will also the results you know, on YouTube itself, any approximate number of complete without a dance breadcrumb will be updated in real-time.

I started YouTube to the application of this amendment gradually today, but with the August rule will apply widely and includes all of the channels that have a common and more, the channel that have less than a thousand subscribers it will show the exact number of any such as 973 common.

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