“Youtube” choose feature “design hidden” to see what you want in secret


Testing video sharing site months in the world of “YouTube” a new feature to help users in browsing the site in secret, without anyone knowing what they are looking for or they see, and under the name “incognito mode”, similar to the feature available on the browser “Chrome”, is scheduled to be available in the beginning for the users of the application “youtube” through the Android phones.

According to the “Daily Mail” the British, traces the “YouTube” in the receive all of what users are looking for in order to propose video clips advertising the occasion, but if members don’t necessarily want to follow the company owned by Google of all their movements, there may be soon a way to hide the searches.

ميزة التصفح الخفىBrowsing feature hidden

Reports from the site of Android Police that incognito mode has become available in some devices, the the user will click on the image icons for the account in the top left of the app, and choose “Run in incognito mode”, and activate the water to turn off the save data watch.

It is reported that the algorithms youtube Special Rapporteur’s proposal location advertising has been criticized widely over the past year, due to the emergence of some videos not suitable for children.

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