YouTube choose feature viewing concurrent

يوتيوب تختبر ميزة المشاهدة المتزامنه
YouTube choose feature viewing concurrent

YouTube choose feature viewing concurrent

A few weeks ago revealed network Facebook about the new feature under the name of (Watch Party available to everybody) gives in a nutshell a group of friends watching the same video on Facebook through the sync, and thus share comments in real-time for all viewing .

This feature seems to network YouTube suggested it and began their experiences, where they revealed the release beta from YouTube on Android the codes download the name of the same technique (ic_watch_party) within the app .

In the sideburns shall : YouTube technology allows picture-in-picture (PiP) for the site

And of course there’s nothing stopping developers from using the same name of the icon as long as they don’t ask for the water Palace, which holds a trademark.

The viewing experience concurrent like coming to YouTube at the earliest opportunity, as soon as the end of the tests, and I think it will be popular and wide when provided for everyone .

Version download the checksum from YouTube (APK)

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