Youtube choose the explore feature in its application on the iPhone

يوتيوب تختبر ميزة الاستكشاف في تطبيقها على آيفون

Revealed city youtube Executive that the company will develop some advantages for content and users to help improve the home environment and deliver content makers target audience more broadly assess the content suits them.

This resulted in the now start choosing the company for exploration for users of the iPhone, a feature will appear within the app options at the bottom will be the users suggestions and build on their interests and videos that they viewed. That is, in the case of watching a video about football, for example, the suggestion about the videos some clubs will appear in the feature exploration. You’ll also see the navigation page options for more Topics To share on the house.

Designed new feature to show channels and from the makers of the content is different within the list, which means the possibility of the appearance of some of the videos of small channels to millions of viewers due to its similarity with interest, the course will be based on the water content makers to show their potential to the public easier and wider through the provided within the proposals.

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