YouTube choose the feature to filter the following video on Android

يوتيوب تختبر ميزة فلترة الفيديو التالي على أندرويد

Usually when watching a video on YouTube is to provide other recommendations to share when you finish watching the current article, and if autoplay is enabled, there will be a playlist automatic video following here are thus, in turn it’s rare that you have the control in this list, but this is about to change, where in the application update of on YouTube “the hand seemed to server”, the user will be able to filter the following video.

On the other hand, also this update available in the demo to a limited number of users, so it is also expected to don’t see it available to all users during the next phase, but we hope to reverse it, generally in regards to this new feature, you will have the filters found on all the proposals or make recommendations or the separation of both the videos and the related.

يوتيوب تختبر ميزة فلترة الفيديو التالي على أندرويد

As it can be a video following not related to the video you’re watching, as well as allow the Filters feature to the user selection of videos from the same channel or from another channel on the same topic, finally, this filter may help the user in knowing the following video faster, and again we hope to see you soon to all users.

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