YouTube choose the new button to display and hide the comments on the Android

Choose YouTube new feature within the application to its official Android allows user to hide the comments don’t even appear below the video thus gets the experience of using the best away from the noise as it may deem in the comments.

Currently this new feature is under testing in India and shows there is a new button below the videos private comments Comments can be when pressed to show or hide the comments. If you’ve hidden the comments, the YouTube can space the bottom of the video to the videos following.

In order to appropriate with the availability of new button private comments the Save button for viewing later appears during the expansion of the list of buttons.

Continue YouTube like any other social network participation level of in the comments, starting from the development and soot down to the spa and cursing and always see a move away from the content of the real video.

With that YouTube allows owners of the videos and cancel the receipt of comments, unless they bear fruit in the promotion of the videos in one way or another. This new feature as a compromise for those who don’t want to read the comments and for bothering her, and at the same time open the institute to contact the owners of the videos receive comments.

As is the case with any feature under test, according to results will be YouTube formally adopted all or not, we don’t know if I will continue on the iOS version too.

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