Youtube choose the tab ” Explore ” the new in the application of its official iOS platform

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One of the most famous features in the application Instagram is the tab ” Explore ” where users can find popular posts, or that you think Instagram they may like based on the calculations that follow it. This is a good way to discover new posts. Now it seems that youtube want to borrow a page from the Book of Instagram.

Announced YouTube on the Google Product Forums they choose a new tab called ” Explore ” in the application on the iOS platform. But she explained youtube picks this new feature with a very limited number of users, so don’t be surprised if it wasn’t them. Explains youtube also that this new tab will not replace the tab for ” Trending ” and the tab ” Explore ” the New will be located next to it.

According to YouTube, it has stated by saying : ” with more of the videos up to YouTube every minute, we are always testing new ways to make it easy for people to find, watch and share videos that interest them. There is something new we will test it on iOS within the next few weeks a new tab called ‘ Explore | explore‘, which is the tab that will help you in discovering more videos and topics and channels that you may not see them. We also hope to be the advantage to Explore a place that lets content creators of all sizes, including establishing new, and discover their content “.

At present, the web version of YouTube videos suggested in the main page, so expect to include the tab ” Explore ” and similar functions. It is not clear whether YouTube is planning to launch this feature to all its users on the platform Android and iOS eventually, so we’ll need to wait to find out.



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