YouTube choose to add suggestions to watch the bottom of the video in a new format

Work YouTube is currently testing a new style to add suggestions and recommendations of the viewing at home by show suggestions in a bubble in blue under video games, where would those recommendations as soon as its exposed to content that is shared by both address similar or the makers of the content or even words function to close the show, as the following image shows:

The interest of this process in filtering the content that will be proposed to the user based on what he’s watching through the use of or the pressure on one of the recommendations within the bubbles at the bottom of the video directly, seeking YouTube to the reduction of user complaints and reminding them of the lack of coherence between the proposals and the content of the scenes where the issue has become a banner in the recent period.

And product property Test on a small class is currently working on both the desktop version and smartphone applications, can be expected to delay the launch of the property class the largest, it may take more time that a product contains an enormous number of videos competing for which of them follow the different categories and the process for organizing a larger view of the recommendations of the better ones that carry a political nature such as.

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