YouTube choose to hide comments by default

Buy the comments section with YouTube content is low quality, the gas is convenient for many users, where the battle between the outsiders and the exploits of hackers this section to spread harmful links leading to breach users ‘ computers. While there is an option to disable this section of the settings, but that YouTube choose to hide comments altogether by default.

Watching many of users videos YouTube on their smartphones, where access to the comments section Simple by scrolling to the bottom. Users can hide the comments section, but by this stage may have read one or two comments already, which may be dangerous for the person.

As we spotted recently, different YouTube hide comments by its application for smartphones running Android. Rather than provide comments directly and easily by scrolling down, is now hide with the appearance of the alert in the bottom, which by clicking on you will be able to see the comments, in addition to the new button to the comments next to the buttons of admiration and non-admiration.

The motivation behind making this exact change is not known, but this is clearly intended to improve the user experience, and began appearing in some users in India and a number of countries around the world, where the update of the tip the server and users need to update the app, while it is not known the date of the arrival of this change to all users around the world.

Source: XDA Developers

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