YouTube choose to hide comments in the Android app

يوتيوب تختبر إخفاء التعليقات في تطبيق الاندرويدYouTube choose to hide comments in the Android app

YouTube choose to hide comments in the Android app

Choose Video Website first in the world, YouTube, choose to hide the comments section in the version of the Android app, so that it can access the comments by clicking on the icon dedicated to the New instead of watching them directly below the video clip .

And the administration of YouTube to reduce the size of the two negative comments abusive that spreads are increasing in the site, and big problems for content and viewers alike.

News Source site XDA Developers , confirms that the water currently visible only to users in India, where it appears a new button to get to the comments section next to the buttons of admiration and generosity.

Rather than show the comments below the video, displays YouTube videos that will run after it, and match the content of the article that is shared now.

Also, in order to accommodate the comment button, transfer YouTube in these tests, the transfer of sales to the “save for viewing later” to the extended menu.

The last battles YouTube in this regard was in the month of March last, where they disrupted the service to broadcast comments on the videos that include minors.

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