Youtube chooses to feature “picture in picture” to the web site

New feature of YouTube is still restricted to a small number of users.

The YouTube application on Android and iOS since the time of the feature “picture in picture” that allows users to minimize a video or Visual that they see with continue to browse the app, it seems that the water on its way to the web version of the website watch the videos.

According to the website 9to5Google that the new feature is still restricted to a small number of users, and supports work on my browser Chrome and Safari on a Mac, in addition to the Chrome browser on system Chrome OS.

In case you are a small group so who got the new feature, you will be able to run any visible, and then click anywhere within the YouTube, including reference to the site’s main page by clicking on the logo shown at the top left of the screen, or search for any visible or another review channel. Then you will minify the current video to the bottom right corner with the continued silence.

Within the video thumbnails will keep the control options available, including the possibility to Play, Stop, reboot, and watch the following video, which also shows the thumbnail above the video thumbnails already. Can close the visible thumbnails by clicking on the “x” button that appears in the top right corner.

Don’t know yet whether the new feature will be virtual, as is the case in the YouTube application on mobile devices, or will the user activate the settings.

If you are one who is waiting for this water? Share your opinion the comments.


Source: youtube chooses to feature “picture in picture” to the web site

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