YouTube confirm that it is working on developing original content, interactive own


Books that let you choose the adventure you want they exist long ago, but in recent years, brought Netflix to our screens with their offers interactive for kids, and last year, people in the company made headlines when she launched her film Interactive the first Black Mirror Bandersnatch wide category of audience.

The company plans to introduce more similar offers in the future, but it seems that YouTube won’t allow for Netflix to get all the glory. The director of programming original content in the company of YouTube, Ms. Susanne Daniels with the news agency poor, and I told her that the company is already working on the development of their offers original interactive.

According to Susanne Daniels, has stated by saying : ” we now have the tools and amazing new Create and tell stories the multi-layered and interactive. Owns Ben Relles understanding of intuitive experience and how to enhance the product content, making it a perfect choice to develop this section of the new exciting “.

We’re not sure of the type of interactive presentations that works YouTube established currently, but if you enjoy the concept of interactive television, it may be it is worth attention. What is interesting in this is that just last month, a frequency that YouTube will shrink the original content, but based on this latest report, it seems that the company is looking at different strategies.

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