YouTube: copyright law and the new European Union threatens job creators

يوتيوب: قانون حقوق النشر الجديد للاتحاد الأوروبي يهدد عمل صانعي المحتوى

She’s executive director of global YouTube Susan and Jessica in her speech today the owner of the content, observations towards a European law of the new about the publishing rights, which says as seen the performance of the organization by restricting the content creators, where she focused directly on Article XIII of the law, which prohibits what is known as a Meme across the internet or a simulation in a satirical manner for the particular event or most likely, a content is spread widely across the internet, according to his recent European social networks work to save them and delete them depending on the copyright.

In addition, the updated help from the European Union include share links to news on social versus financial return, for the publisher’s request by charging a fee to watch their content of news, but the focus was YouTube and of Ms. Jessica was on Article 13, which said they can stop the ability of millions of content creators and they continue to raise their videos on the platform.

The problem is at the moment being quite a lot of users express themselves through videos and music and combine it with pictures which is a phenomenon that is very common, whether at the recreational or educational, etc., which of course may be solely by the library with the rights of the special deployment, perhaps to the phenomenon of the Meme is the wider spread use, and the fact that the trading between them and the original content describes the interaction between them come the filters on the Prohibition of the Meme which causes the problem that is the focus of YouTube.

Besides the comment area on the Article 13 noted the number of updates in the plan to deal more fully with the content creators, through updates on products and the messages of rejection and updates on the channel its own Creator Insider launch YouTube Studio to follow what is new news and update of the products by content creators.

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