YouTube declares war on traffickers in fake

YouTube declares war on traffickers and counterfeiters

If you have your own channel on the video platform first in the world, YouTube, and noted the decrease in the number of your followers on the channel, you’re not alone definitely.

YouTube announced it will be removing subscription of the counterfeit today and tomorrow, so expected to be affected by the numbers of participants in the channel at all levels .

The platform was Twitter and the network of Instagram may know from before about a car similar to his Caused also in reducing the numbers up two accounts on the two sites .

YouTube declares war on traffickers and counterfeiters

Note that if the number of participants in your channel to less than 1000 subscribers as a result of this process, it will drop you from the YouTube Partner Program to attempt to expand the fan base through legitimate means.

The program placing ads profitable on videos and share the profits with the YouTube network.

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