YouTube deleted 2500 channel linked to China

He said the company Google’s deleted between April and June more than 2,500 YouTube channel linked to China as part of its efforts to verify the information of the polygon on the platform watching the video, so compared with the deleted 277 channel in the first three months of 2020.

The company explained that the channels were removed as part of achieving continuous improvement in the operations impact coordinators associated with China.

Google said in a quarterly bulletin on the operations of the disinformation during the second quarter: this channel posted in general spam and non-political, but a small subset published the content of the political in the first place in Chinese similar to the results contained in the report (Graphika) the latter, including the content associated with the cold of the United States on the MERS-CoV.

Not challenge Google channels provided few other details, except for the hook video clips actively similar monitoring of his Twitter platform and the misleading set by the company (Graphika) for social media platforms in the month of April.

The report (Graphika) the presence of a large group of accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms that started doing it early this year, which looked as if they were part of a propaganda campaign global.

Benefited accounts of China and significantly of video footage taken from the channel of government pro-China, coupled with long texts in both Chinese and English.

And the content of its political publications are not desirable, usually of landscapes, basketball videos, Tik Tok, which seem designed to disguise the political content of the process.

Featured misleading information from the foreign bodies as a source of serious concern for politicians and technicians Americans alike since the presidential elections of 2016, when massive representatives associated with the Russian government, hundreds of thousands of deceptive messages in the ecosystem of social media.

Spent many of the last four years trying to avoid a repeat of what happened in 2016, with the issuing companies, such as Google and Facebook, regular updates about how to combat propaganda through the internet.

As reported leaflet activity related to other countries, including Iran and Russia, Google explained that the protection of the Chinese, in addition to other campaigns of Russia and Iran, it was multi-platform, where it was reported similar results by Facebook and Twitter.

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