YouTube for Android now supports video vertical without black edges

يوتيوب بلس فيديو

يوتيوب بلس فيديو

Since December of last year, the application supports YouTube for iOS watch videos of vertical without black edges, thanks to the the new dynamic in the service, and now has become available on the other system Android, where you will adjust the dynamic analysis automatically according to the content by different dimensions.

It is known to all famous clips snapchat Instagram the vertical, as well as video capture here by different dimensions, with the presence of horizontal sections of conventional, and therefore will youtube now in Android to adjust everything automatically and full-screen video and most important to get rid of the Black edges.

It will launch this feature to the video titles and toolbar as well as suggestions for the video, this means that during scrolling will continue video playback while reducing the window to the horizontal Figure the usual, however it will not know the content 16:9 my head, instead it will be truncated the top and bottom.

Finally the update it seems that on the server side, and gradually to users, but would prefer to move to the page with the app from the Play Store and update it I found.

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