YouTube gives you more control over the videos that appear on the home page and Next Up


Conducted YouTube some changes today on its service, which gives you more control over the videos that appear on the home page as well as in the feature of ” Next Up “.

First, you can explore the topics and related videos to learn more about what you love. The options that you see on your current personal. May be these videos linked to the video you are watching or the video clips posted on the channel itself or other subjects of interest to you. You can find this new feature on the main page while scrolling up, and Up Next while shooting. Will be available to users who login in English on the YouTube app for Android first, then iOS, and the web, and other languages ” soon. “

You can also remove the suggestions from channels you don’t want to share, by clicking on the list of three points next to the video clip on the home page or in the ” Next Up “. Then select ” Don’t recommend this channel ” and then won’t see the YouTube suggested videos from that channel. However, this option does not block the channel for you, you’ll still be able to watch their content if you subscribe or search or visit the channel page or tab Trending where you find your videos the most sought-after in the country. Thus, this means that this option says, just remove that from the selected channel from the recommendations, that’s all. This option is available in YouTube on the platform Android and iOS starting from today, will come to the web version ” soon “.

Finally, you will get more information about why the proposal of a specific video for you in the first place. This will be shown in the small box below the video, explaining why I thought the algorithm of the service that it would be a good fit for you. It should be noted that this last feature, will be available in the YouTube app on the iOS platform as of today, and will come to Android and the web ” soon “.


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