YouTube has artificial intelligence which help her to clean the home of videos neglected


YouTube is home to millions of videos because of the ease of lifting videos on the product where anyone can upload the video anytime he wants it. However, often ran into a lot of video of the Polygon while browsing the house in search of something, which leaves us frustrated.

For those who are wondering what’s Google doing to of these videos, has revealed a recent report from the website Bloomberg that the company Google has already artificial intelligence works behind the scenes where he is interested in the organization of all the so-called ” video clips abandoned “. The company recently reaffirmed the existence of this tool where she said she fired her first Test in the year 2015, but they were launched in earnest in 2017, after incidents which included the appearance of the videos is decent on the platform of Youtube Kids.

According to the speaker the official name of the company Google, has stated by saying : ” we started in the test workbook, clicks illegal in the year 2015, which we put forward on a large scale in the year 2016 to improve the experience of users. He’s looking for titles or thumbnail images distort the video content or contain offensive language, among other things “.

Of course, there were financial incentives to help clean up YouTube videos of abusive and misleading, it would encourage users to continue using the product, which leads to increased revenue for Google and content creators of advertisements.


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