Youtube has more than 1.9 million monthly active users

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يوتيوب لديه أكثر من 1.9 مليار مستخدم نشط شهريًا

Brought to platform youtube the day of light on their growth, and promised to communicate better with content creators about her choices and experiences, as announced Susan use Susan Wojcicki, Chief Executive youtube from the last series of constant updates of the product, which have focused in turn on the five most important priorities for YouTube in 2018, and the company provided some updates related to what you stated previously during the conference VidCon, including company news, partnerships expanded, but she did not explain in detail the critical steps which you must adopt to address the problem of content that is still plaguing the region.

The organization said that one of the ways to improve communication is through the channel Creator Insider, an informal channel was initiated by the staff of YouTube, which offers weekly updates, and responds to concerns, and look more behind the scenes on the launch of the products, stating that the membership of the channels, the currently open channels that have more than 100 thousand subscribers, will be put up for auction from content creators in the coming months.

Include your YouTube in the meantime with a platform for the sale of goods ad hoc Teespring, which get part of the proceeds from the sales of goods, while the YouTube platform a small commission, and did not remember any of the platform to sell other goods that will join the program.

As operations increased agency Famebit, which was acquired by YouTube in 2016, the Agency works to connect content creators with companies and brands that want to sponsor the content, and YouTube more than half the channels that work with Famebit has doubled its revenues in the first three months of the current year, with a predisposition to soon launch a new feature that allows viewers at home shopping for products and applications and a reminder of the page Builder content.

Moved the company in her talk today to some extent about the problems of content, with promises that this remains one of the most important priorities, and they testify positive results, the police continue to come in regarding content, where it is allowed to prevent the abuse of children to continue to upload videos of their children on YouTube, this means that the website needs to have stricter policies about the ban on the use of children in videos.

Recognized watch youtube the day of light on the growth metrics of the other, as it signals that now has 1.9 million monthly active users, and that users are watching every day more than 180 million hours of YouTube on average at the TV screens, grown as reactions such as admiration and comment and chat by up to more than 60 percent on an annual basis, the number of videos the live broadcast at the rate of 10 added in the last three years.

She explained that there are more than 60 million users click on the consultations tab forum or interact with them, and they responded in 2018 on the number of tweets increased by 600 percent through their account official on the micro-blogging platform Twitter (@TeamYouTube and @YTCreators and @YouTube) compared with the year 2017, increased access over the past few months increased by 30 percent.

The company noted its plan to expand the story to those who have more than 10 thousand subscribers, in addition to launched a new tool to bear the name of the Copyright Match aims to help content makers to find videos of their own that has been re-uploaded to Youtube by others, and to determine the time of the screen, and the control panel is new in the YouTube Studio, which will be put up 76 language in the next two weeks.

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