Youtube increase a million my video clip stores a month before anyone sees us.



Come youtube of the increasing prevalence of videos infringing items use the service with the increased deployment and adoption of people, and because the control of the human hand is slow, has developed automated technologies software to monitor those sections and the offending ones without any human intervention, and this is what happened to millions of times until now.

Posted Google in its transparency report your you interesting numbers for the last quarter of last year where it was removed 8.2 million clip stores, of which 6.6 million cut has been discovered and report it and remove it fully automatically, and only 1.1 million cut by the monitors a private network, the notifications, users of public has removed 402 a video clip.

Notice the big difference between the use of technology in maintaining the safety and security of the YouTube platform, and rely on the human element, whether staff or volunteers or users normal.

What is striking is that 75% of the videos deleted within a period of three months did not get any problems, this shows the high efficiency techniques in Google to identify the sections of the infraction and removed quickly.

The number of videos reported by users during the period to 9.3 million clip, of course, not every clip is reported it is removed because it is often not the risk for use of YouTube.

It is where the most reports on the YouTube clips of the violation was India in the first place came Saudi Arabia in the tenth place.

And reasons were chosen by users for reporting from the headquarters, but was content sexual pornographic in the most then came the spamming, deception, hate speech and violence and the least to promote terrorism.

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