YouTube is asking for permission to access microphone on iOS without reason

A large number of iPhone users have been exposed to a very strange notification on their phones from the YouTube application, and this notification asks them to allow the YouTube application to access the phone's microphone! The strangest thing is that the notification appears without using the application in the first place!

The strangest thing is that when the user accepts this notification, the microphone usage indicator appears for several minutes, and this without using any part of the YouTube application that required the microphone and without even having the application open and being used.

This incident has aroused fear and anxiety of dozens of users, because the question here is: Why does YouTube require this permission from users even when they do not use it inside the application and do not use the same application at the present time? And why does the app keep listening for several minutes? So far, Google has not officially responded to the matter.

Source: Bb

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