YouTube is considering the transfer of all the content of the children to another place

Reported the newspaper (Wall Street Journal) today, Wednesday, that officials of the company Google are currently discussing the removal of all children’s content from the website YouTube, then transfer it to the YouTube application for children (YouTube Kids) with YouTube Kids.

According to the newspaper, the discussion of this step is still within the organizational unit to buy Google, which is designed to fight harmful behavior that is aimed at children on the site, so after the failure of the steps earlier.

A spokesman for YouTube to (the ferry) The Verge – a specialist in the affairs of the technical: the company is considering “a lot of ideas to YouTube; some are still just ideas”.

According to the newspaper (Wall Street Journal) also that the other employees at Google, YouTube and asking the executives to consider disabling the autorun feature, which automatically run Videos other proposed, which appear with each video clip watched.

It is believed that this move comes in direct response to many of the articles published over the past months, including the achievement of a modern newspaper (New York Times); I found that the video clips are harmful and non-harmful – both – children-focused run automatically.

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The newspaper reported that (Susan woogie) – CEO of YouTube – I think the errors committed by the company over the past few weeks, saying in an internal memo: if some of those decisions were “disappointing and distressing”.

Observers believe that moving all children’s content from YouTube to the application (YouTube Kids) won’t be that easy, as witness the YouTube lifting more than 500 hours of video every minute, so, such a step may require a radical change in the structure of the YouTube infrastructure.

It is also thought that this step may be detrimental for YouTube material, especially to children’s channels are from famous channels on the platform, and a huge amount of views, which encourage a lot of our advertisers to target leaders of those channels with ads.

Also referred to as the application (YouTube Kids) himself was not spared from the problems faced by children on YouTube, having discovered after months of app launch in 2015 a series of video clips that are harmful to children, including content directed to children, but it contains discussions about sex, and suicide.

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