YouTube is expected to read the former has a large number of users

يوتيوب يتوقف قرابة الساعة لدى عدد كبير من المستخدمين

Suffered some of the users of the interruption of services YouTube site for the former has happened, the tension in the early dawn hours of today, Wednesday, at four o’clock and fifteen minutes exactly to the timing of Makkah, according to TechCrunch.

This is the previous a long time for this size of deployment and The Incredible of the users and around the world, the Walter company is focused to solve this problem where the availability of Twitter through her official Twitter to reassure users, and learning that she will be in constant contact with them and tell them at the time of solving the problem, where thanks to the users who were reporting not about to drop out.

Not long until the announced Google for a solution to the problem where tweeted at six in the a.m. for Mecca on the platform of the iconic videos of back to work again thanked again, users who have suffered from this problem to the patience of them, and noted If this problem persists to see it.

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