YouTube Launches released the demo of their application on the Android

يوتيوب تُطلق إصدارها التجريبي من تطبيقها على أندرويد

Has Google updated the FAQ page about the service YouTube “YouTube”, where she added new information about the pilot program to “beta” a new app of on the Android operating system, as is the case with all trial versions of applications, targeting this version to people who want to test experimental features that may come version official from YouTube or not.

On the other hand, also software YouTube demo is open to all app developers, at the same time asked the Google people not posting or sharing features of their choice until it is announced or advertised in general.

In case you wish to join the program demo, you should follow some steps, put in mind that you can unsubscribe from the program whenever you want by visiting the custom page and select the “leaving the program”, generally if I wanted to join the tops of the first visit the subscription page and you may have to log in with your account Google, then choose the “Be lab”, and finally follow the instructions that show you in the following screen and start using the beta.

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