YouTube learn to stop application sharing and broadcast videos games YouTube Gaming on 30 May

يوتيوب تعلن إيقافها تطبيق مشاركة وبث فيديوهات الألعاب YouTube Gaming في 30 مايو الجاري

Announced the YouTube platform for its intention to stop sharing application broadcast games home YouTube Gaming on 30 May, where the company had created in 2015 away from the platform and an official up to facilitate access and broadcast fan of the games to redeem their separately, but stated last year its intention to stop him, to declare to today the materials and integrate the separate features in the official app.

In the application will appear after stoppable as an icon to the side at the primary site for YouTube similar to the list of suggestions most problems; it will be a fan of this corner able to raise their videos or completing their journey in the live broadcast through the icons available at the top of the page that will work like an indoor environment movie videos games in the House.

Where Will you set special alerts as a gaming chair which will inside of its pages for each game including the top watch and stream etc. from the labels where it will be the viewing of the follow-up to any of those pages individually based on their preferences.

The decision to police this due to the deformation suffered by the pioneers of the marriage of games and watching your content on the main application or the application of sub-games; and to a decision by the polarized all those pics which number 200 million daily active users in one place on board the main platform.

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