YouTube may increase the relationship documentation of some of the channels and make it difficult to get them

YouTube has announced announced that program control of the channels on the Great Reform, which will likely lead to the loss of a large number of channels at least famous to sign their own control. In the past, YouTube allows any channel to get the check mark once you reach 100,000 subscribers, but now have been removed this requirement completely, and the company will focus on another method to verify the channels.

You will get the channels on the sign of the control based on importance, just like the accounts on social media sites, rather than to be marked “true” next to the name of the channel, it will replace YouTube this gray background on the name of the channel.

While it is not a reference to how to check the channels now, but reports indicate that the company will use a combination of algorithms and the inspection of the human to assess the eligibility of the TV channel to obtain the check mark.

These efforts can improve the level of confidence in YouTube. Instead of looking at the number of participants – a measure can be software manipulated – so that was a condition of getting 100,000 subscribers to obtain a relationship documentation not good enough, there must now be some evidence on the real popularity of these channels.

Source: Google

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