YouTube Music make it easy for users to switch between photo and video


One of the features of YouTube Music in The they do not allow users to share music videos, but they can also hear the regular music also. However, usually it is based on one site, where you can either choose to watch a music video or play the sound of its own, but this will change now.

Announced YouTube about some changes that will make it to YouTube Music in order to offer users the possibility to easily switch between watching music videos and listening to audio only. This means that if you’re watching a music video and decided in the midst of the process of listening to the sound of the video only, it will gives you a new option to do this easily.

According to YouTube, it has stated by saying : ” no longer switch between songs and music videos is as simple as clicking a button. Users will instantly notice the video button at the top of the screen during start listening to a song, and with a simple click, they can start watching the music video immediately, or return to the only sound in the same stage of the song “.

This option will be available to the participants in YouTube’s Premium and also in the YouTube Music Premium. This feature will be useful for many users because YouTube will appear an option to watch a video clip of the song if it is available, which allows users to discover music videos new if they weren’t aware of this.


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