YouTube now provides a feature to control the content of your video per user

Pay YouTube a few changes that offer users the advantage of better control in the video content that appears on the main page, or to be held later, or the content of the candidate to the user, support the user in control more effectively in their content.
The application supports YouTube users during the coming period to control more efficiently the choice of your favourite video content and that displays on the home page for the application, for example, the user can now filter search for your favourite video content from the content most searched, and then will return the content that will appear on the main page later on your choice.

Also will give the app to view the video content of the channel itself, or the video content which is associated to the content of the last signed by your choice previously, or may interest you.

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Is available new feature in the home page development of YouTube, when you scroll to the top, or in what he knows later, when browsing, to have the feature when you register a user account on YouTube in English, where it is pushing the water in the beginning, users landed and then the users of the iOS platform, as they have more choices in languages and later also.

It would also be the user is now free to delete the channels proposed, which does not wish to follow them, and so on through the list of three points of the top of the video content in the home page or the top of what is later known from the content of the video, and then the user can choose not to display the proposals for this class of channels, and you can go back to watching these channels from a new subscription, visit your page Channel.


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