YouTube now supports quick access to the procedures of the video channels when filling the screen

يوتيوب يدعم الآن الوصول السريع لإجراءات الفيديو والقنوات عند ملء الشاشة

The control for fullscreen mode especially videos natural is very beautiful in YouTube, however the user loses a bit of the experience of YouTube, for example when switching to full screen will not be able to the user like or dislike the video, also not to watch the channel or subscribe to it, so had to get out of full screen mode and take advantage of these procedures, but with the latest version of YouTube application in Android Things have changed for the better.

Before we delve into that, you may remember about two years ago from now, that application YouTube has become named thumbnails in order to provide suggestions for content, so it can be accessed through the slider on the frontend in full screen mode, now shows another element to the bottom of the recommended video clips, where there is a new bar by four icons which are “impressive video or dislike or share or add to Playlist”.

يوتيوب يدعم الآن الوصول السريع لإجراءات الفيديو والقنوات عند ملء الشاشة

And it can access the status fill the screen, either through scrolling or even clicking to pause the video, so it is now possible to open a video clip in full screen and switch to another clip recommended channel don’t know her, and you enable alerts, go to another video, adds You Like or not, without leaving the full screen interface.

Finally, this update appears server-side, so it will be released to everyone over the next few days or weeks, on the other hand, if you don’t like the wait you can get it and experience the New through file download the APK from here.

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