Youtube offered its first report on how to uncover the video of the offending terms

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يوتيوب تقدم تقريرها الأول حول كيفية كشف الفيديو المخالف للشروط

Network launched youtube Youtube is the first report of the quarterly no to enhance the guidance community, the ability of users to “control panel” allows them to identify the location of the video clips that they put a sign on it “they inform the network that it is inappropriate” for review. As the largest platform to display video clips across the web in general, youtube responsibility to monitor their content to ensure that no hosted videos violate the guidelines, community – cases of sexual or domestic opposition on the ball, or violence. Came to this step after having promised the network users in last December to be transparent about how determined the contents inappropriate to take the decision to remove them.

During her quest to revise the content of its rising youth many mistakes where allowed channels incite violence and Nazism and lock the many channels offer content that is not harmful, and have unleashed the search engine, which offers suggestions automatically while the sea provided a sometimes suggestions annoying.

I mentioned YouTube in the report of the promotion guidelines community first quarterly, it has removed approximately 8.3 million video violates the terms of service between October and December 2017, including 6.7 million Video the automated systems selected automatically, and the removal of 75% of those clips before watching one.

There are two ways through which the identification of the content that should be removed from YouTube, the first mechanism through the algorithms developed by the company systems, machine learning, and can identify inappropriate content automatically. Second, through a large number of member in YouTube which consists of members from government bodies and non-government organizations who received training at the hands of teams of reliability and safety and work policy company to spy on how to determine inappropriate content and removed. Both ways were no problem to her the whole of the financial period.

The viewer can reporting always about inappropriate content which wishes to inform youtube of the need to review them and delete them, and you must determine the cause of it. The company has received 9.3 million Bonus for reporting unsuitable content, during the last quarter of 2017 from viewers in India and the United States and Brazil. And more reasons for viewers to report about the indecent video was because “sexually explicit content” and 30% of the total cases reporting as well as the percentage reporting an “a misleading or its contents undesirable” to 26.4% of the total reports.

Maybe the police should be making a lot of effort to develop its strategy in the fight against TOC are not accepted either way of the mechanism and human resources.

Youtube offered its first report on how to uncover the video of the offending terms

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