YouTube on Android can now affect the operation of the algorithm selection video

No matter how advanced or algorithms of YouTube, no one will understand your preferences better than you do. Google apparently understands this, and therefore adds to your hosting several new features that give users greater control over which videos appear on their home page and in the film suggestions to Watch next. The changes come into force today, on Android and iOS, and soon also be available in the web version of the site.

Now you can remove unwanted channels from your feed

YouTube admits that his algorithm is not always correctly formulated proposals, so now decided to allow users to delete from the tape, we offer the channels they want to watch. To affect the algorithm of the proposals you just need to tap the menu button (the vertical ellipsis icon) next to the video and choose Not to recommend videos from this channel.

Also YouTube has simplified the search for the desired content

YouTube is also trying to locate your desired content. Now, when you list your home page in the top, where you can choose categories related to your interests. The point here is to help users quickly find what they and so, according to YouTube, looking for. The video will also tell users why they see a specific video-offer — for example, because they have seen similar content before, or is liked by other users with similar interests.

Algorithms YouTube have been criticized for a long time. They blamed for everything from commercials containing veiled pedophilia and ending with the promotion of extremist content. New features do not solve these problems, but at least now you have a no control over what appears in your feed. From now on, if you watch one video about a flat Earth, you will go insane from the endless stream of madness in your feed.

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