YouTube on Android gets on changer new accounts and the option to access account for Google

يوتيوب في أندرويد يحصل على مُبدّل حسابات جديد وخيار وصول لحساب قوقل

In the past week, and specifically at its annual conference for developers I / O 2019, the are Google to make access to all Account Settings Google via the app is easier to what can, and already got all of the apps Gmail, contacts, web, photos and as well as the maps on this possibility, and through the adapter or changer new accounts, and now it’s time for the YouTube application.

Where he received a small update that supports Android operating system only, and with the abundance of this function in the account page, where you’ll notice now in the account page application on some visual changes, and get rid of the gray background, as well as adding two options, the first e-mail address which has become more pronounced, and the second option to transfer directly to your account Google.

Also there is a link to learn more about account options, and most importantly is that the option to log out has ended completely, despite the fact that you can still switch to design mode hidden from the page of the main account, or maybe clear data on the YouTube application for the issuance of clean from the app without registering any account.

Finally, this update is currently available in a demo to the users, that up to everyone over the next few days, and in the case of no waiting, simply download the file. the APK update from here.

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