Youtube place new policies to profit from advertising

يوتيوب تضع سياسات جديدة للربح من الاعلانات
Youtube place new policies to profit from adverts

I know the video network first in the world, YouTube, for a new car to display adverts on videos publishers, will be applied beginning from the 20th day of February next.

The police informed the owners of the channels via e-mail this week that there are new boundaries to allow adverts on videos that refuse to the site.

According to this mail, we will not know the adverts on videos and channels that achieve less than 4,000 hours of participation during the last 12 months, or channels that have less than 1000 subscribers at least.

Confirmed youtube that this measure comes to support the quality of the videos on the product, good management of the resources of the advertisers place their ads on the content decent and by good participation.

Police confirmed that a limited number of owners of the channel would be affected by the new changes .

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