YouTube plans to end targeted advertisements within the content of children

YouTube plans to end targeted advertising within the content of the children

It is reported by Bloomberg News on Tuesday – citing three people familiar with – that the officials of the company and YouTube are now putting in place the finishing touches on plans to phase out the ads “target” the video clips that needs to be watched by children, so in a step that may lead instantly to lower ad sales for YouTube.

Bloomberg noted that the (Federal Trade Commission) FTC looking to see if YouTube has violated the ACT children’s online privacy in the United States. The commission has reached a settlement with YouTube, but she didn’t believe the tape. It is not clear whether the changes in YouTube on the targeted ads are the result of registry. The transfer of the agency from its sources – who requested anonymity – that the plans may change.

Since the ads are targeted or “behavioral” intends to gather information about the viewer, the ACT children’s online privacy prevents companies from offered to children under the age of 13 years without parental permission. These commercial messages, which depend on vast amounts of digital data, such as cookies (cookies) to browse the web, are an integral part of the work of the company Google owns YouTube.

Confirmed YouTube long ago that their primary location is not for children. The company says that children should use apps (YouTube Kids) with YouTube Kids, which doesn’t use targeted ads. But the songs of children and videos the cartoon on the main site have billions of views. As a result of the popularity of videos geared for children, has taken in providing the content of the Christian, in addition to other problems that forced YouTube to disable comments.

However, to get rid of targeted advertising in children’s content might hurt Google financially, however, this solution may be less expensive than treatments other potential aimed at appeasing regulators.

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Referred to to YouTube shows the moment two different types of video ads, the first corresponds to the content viewer, such as that displays ads to buy sell sports clothing in the video for one of the sports. The other type uses a set of digital signals. Using these ads can be for marketers to reach viewers in a specific demographic group, depending on the cookies to browse the web.

And the research firm Loup Ventures proceeds from YouTube’s ads for children between 500 million and 750 million USD. So turn off the targeted ads may reduce those revenues by 10%; i.e., $ 50 million, according to company research.

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