YouTube proposal begins to download videos

Over about 5 years at the beginning of the launch feature to download videos YouTube on the phones directly from the app. Today, users benefit in 154 countries around the world of this free water, as in the rest of the state requesting the subscription to “premium”.

The goal of feature download video is saved to allow for their participation when the loss of connection to the internet, has started a YouTube proposal videos for some users in the states that benefit from the water free under the Downloads section in the tab place.يوتيوب


The YouTube support page that the water does not in any way affect the consumption of internet data as long as the user didn’t download the videos proposed, and it can disable suggested videos to go to Settings > Downloads.

To improve the video proposed, you must click the download icon in front of the video, you are not connected to the internet, will start downloading the video automatically when you are connected via Wi-Fi.

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