YouTube sign of the applied games the independent “YouTube Gaming”

يُوتيوب توقف تطبيقها الألعاب المستقل "YouTube Gaming"

YouTube has announced today that they no longer retain the separate application targeted at gaming and broadcast content directly, known to everyone that the YouTube application Games separately on both Android and iOS holds the name of “YouTube Gaming”, to the company to the meantime stop the application, and the transfer of its services and its advantages to the YouTube main.

Over the years, the YouTube app Gaming Laboratories company choose custom features for my games and viewers who love to watch the games live and recorded, for example, has been testing things like Game Pages to make the games more predictable and detectable, and Super Chat and Channel Membership, namely the features that the website Twitch published in his community.

This is what made the app very well, which summoned the police pick out the big features and put them in the YouTube main, and also for example made YouTube feature a member of the channel by the games, and before that brought feature Super Chat is a way for content creators to make money from live streams.

In return, while still in games one of the most important pillars of YouTube, no one uses the YouTube app Gaming, as adopted by the company on the lips of the Content Manager games Ryan Wyatt where he pointed out that ” we have 200 million people who log on, and watch gaming content every day, most of them quite frankly, don’t use the YouTube app Gaming experience of playing their own”.

In addition show the data received from the Sensor Tower is an app that contains more than 11 million installs across iOS and Android, and installations that have remained constant over time, which made the company think about the cessation of the application.

At the same time the company launched a new destination application YouTube games on YouTube the main, currently this addon is only available in the United States of America, during the coming months will be launched at the global level, where the link will appear in the navigation bar, through which it can be found on sections of the high-level classes and indicators, as well as having custom content in the science part of the page, based on what he likes to watch the user.

يُوتيوب توقف تطبيقها الألعاب المستقل "YouTube Gaming"

Besides, you’ll get this best games direct latest videos games of your subscriptions, not to mention the custom signs for the live broadcast and videos of the common, as there is another new feature called “gaming creator on the rise”, which will highlight the creators of the Games who are still trying to build an audience.

Finally there are many things that still Games YouTube new are lacking, most notably the ability to play directly from your phone, for this reason would not choose my YouTube Gaming immediately, instead it will be kept until March or maybe April next year, while works YouTube from this moment on the transfer of trade to its main site and apply.

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