YouTube signed a partnership with Event Brite to sell concert tickets of Down music videos

يوتيوب توقع شراكة مع إيفينت برايت لبيع تذاكر الحفلات أسفل الفيديوهات الموسيقية

We talked earlier about the announcement of YouTube for providing non-traditional ways for metal to take advantage of its platform, perhaps the platform event in Brighton “Eventbrite” will be the first beneficiaries of the operations of the new ad, where the organization’s technical Global carry concerts with YouTube to sell concert tickets to the bottom of the video displayed in the channels musicians of official, cross icon will allow fans to purchase their tickets to attend the party directly via the website Event Brite with one mouse click.

As noted the police to to purchase by these in addition to miss with Ticketmaster, make them cover 70% of the ticketing market in the United States, where it will continue to expand its work with new artists and increase the strength of the performance via YouTube for this work between the artists and their teachers with Via Direct offers.

Be sure to customize offers to sell tickets down the music videos is likely the blockbuster big users for this type in particular, so that the largest participation rate on the product due to the song disease by 5.6 million viewers for a moment, and the fact that the age group for 60 % of visitors to YouTube in the United States, ranging between 35 -54 years, according to a study of the IT market is excellent and efficient to sell tickets actually.

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