YouTube start the launch of the feature “picture in picture” on your desktop

The YouTube application on Android and iOS since the time of the feature “picture in picture” that allows users to minimize a video or visual that they see with continue to browse the app. In the month of March/last March back to the water choose to copy the site from YouTube.

After months of testing the waters with a small number of users, it seems that the YouTube service began to launch large-scale water, as appeared to me last night on all videos.

It can play the video as “picture in Picture” by clicking on the button that appears next to the Settings button the bottom of each video, by clicking it the video will get smaller to appear in the background of the main page for YouTube, where you can navigate between the channels and open the videos you want in the other tab, and if you open in the same tab of the video thumbnails will disappear.

Within the video thumbnails will keep the control options available, including the possibility to play, stop, reboot, and watch the following video, which also shows the thumbnail above the video thumbnails already. Can close the visible thumbnails by clicking on the “x” button that appears in the top right corner.

Similar to the YouTube application on mobile devices, the new feature virtual do automatically.

This, and he doesn’t know yet whether the service YouTube has launched a feature for all users, let me know if you have comments.



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