Youtube started to feel the heat of competition from service IGTV affiliate network Instagram


Since a very long time, believe youtube the first destination for most people who want to watch clips or watch their videos with the world. To some extent this is true, but thanks to streaming services, there are many options available to users now. In fact, she made a Instagram recently threw her hat in the ring by launching the IGTV.

In fact, it seems that the invasion of Instagram videos long make youtube feel some anxiety that she has signed some deals with some of the biggest stars to stay on the platform. This according to a new report released recently by Business Insider which says that YouTube is trying to apparently sign a deal with 5 to 7 of the biggest stars on the platform, as long as they agree to be youtube the first platform to turn to when it comes to distributing their content.

Will not be this is the first time, a YouTube deals with content creators. The company has worked with many of the top content creators on its platform in the past, and launched a series of new original content in collaboration with them. Launched youtube also offers YouTube Red, a new way for content creators to create content of their own can be supplied to the participants only and not to the general users.

But we assume that it is not surprising that you feel YouTube is warmly competition. After all, the network of Instagram with more than 500 million daily active users, and add to that they have the full support of Facebook, whether physical or technical.


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