YouTube supports minimize the video player when browsing on the desktop

يوتيوب تدعم تصغير مشغل الفيديو عند التصفح على سطح المكتب

Think feature to minimize the video player while browsing more exciting that appeared on websites and large, while the user can follow-up video he’ll be able to also browse the content of the other at the same time. We have seen this feature in the beginning on the Russian network VK and then to Facebook, but today we see the platform video first YouTube provide this feature.

Of course, this feature will be available to users of desktop browsers, so that when you open a video icon will appear the Mini or the mini player next to the icon settings of the video, once you press it will turn the video player the big to the small box in the bottom of the page, and that the user browse the rest of the videos and content better during the follow-up video or listening to its content.

YouTube mini-player

This water will be suitable for people who are looking for content and want to continue the follow-up video the time without stop it while searching for video of last.

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